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Heather Maitland

Hairstylist, Owner

I am a busy woman, filling my time with fun adventures and travel. I love playing sports and anything creative. My main passion is my business. It consumes most of my daydreams, it is my joy, my drive, and my livelihood. I am building an empire incorporating positive vibes, happy clients, a professional atmosphere, joy and laughter. It is so fulfilling to know that this dream of mine is becoming a reality.

Born and raised in Orono. I love Orono, it is one of my favorite places on this planet. I am very active in my community. I am a member of the DBIA (Downtown Business Association) as well as the OCC (Orono Community Collective). I care about the well being of our community and am proud to say I run a successful business in Orono Ontario.

I have been in the hairstyling industry since 2006. I graduated from "Career School of Hairstyling" with honours and an excellence award. I quickly built up a clientele and expanded my training to become a master colorist by the age of 19. I have always been obsessed with hair, as my childhood barbie can attest. I embrace change new trends. I love people and always have. I thrive in social settings and care about the well being of others. I appreciate and accept every client that walks through the door of Strands Studio. When a client leaves Strands Studio with a smile on their face, I have a smile on my face.

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Hair Stylist, Make-Up Artist

I am a loving mother of three beautiful girls. When I am not running after my high energy girls, I really enjoy spending time at my trailer. I'm a graduate from the private institution "Career School of Hairstyling". Where I graduated from their Elite Program I am educated on hair design and make-up application. I am proud to admit that through the duration of my education I won 1st place in my L'oreal Colour Competition and 1st place in two Formal Up-Do Competitions. I have always been fascinated by hair and make-up, they are some of my passions. I strive to have a high level of excellence when providing any hair service to insure all my clients are happy and satisfied with their hair. I am always looking to expand my clientele, so let me help you evelave your look.

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Joann Brown


I currently attend Clarke High School in Newcastle. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I've been working at Strands Studio for over two years, and it has been an amazing experience. I have really enjoyed watching the salon, business and cliental grow over the past couple of years. I really enjoy working in such a warm welcoming environment where everyone is accepted. I love being apart of the Strands Studio family. Strands studio has helped me to realize which direction I want my future to go in. As I am now one of two students in my high school to receive a position in the OYAP Apprenticeship Program for hairstyling through Durham College. I have learned so much from being an employee at Strands Studio and am so very excited to grow, learn and evolve even further then I currently have.

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Esther Vogle

I love playing the piano, I teach a variety of people and am constantly working on my skills in piano as well. Family is a huge part of my life. One of my other passions are doing hair. Even though I have only been apart of the hair industry for a short time. I have always been drawn to hairstyling, it has been a hobby of mine for a number of years. It's so much fun to learn tricks and techniques about the hair industry through Strands Studio. I especially enjoy working with the clients, to be able to interact and build a relationship. All while I am able to express my creativity. My favorite part of a hair service is completing a hairstyle, it completes any hair service regardless of what it is. And makes the client feel beautiful and happy. I am enthusiastic about life, learning and growing and a person.